Car Interiors

Inspect Before You Buy

You found a used car in St. George, Utah you'd love to buy. Before committing to the purchase, don’t forget to examine the interior of the car. The following tips will help you inspect the car for any signs of damage and other things that should be considered before making your purchase.


Make sure all the controls for systems in the car are functioning properly. The heat and air conditioning should be responsive. Test the audio system, making sure the radio controls work and the speakers in each part of the car are in good shape. While testing controls, double check to make sure that those with lights are functioning properly.


When browsing for vehicles at used car dealers in St. George, take time to sit in each seat in a car. Examine them for tears or excess wear in the upholstery. If the seats are adjustable be sure that they move properly. This is especially important in the driver’s seat. Be sure it can be positioned in the best driving position for you.


If the car smells like mold or mildew it could indicate a water leak or flood damage. Damage from flooding can cause serious problems in vehicles. Check for wet spots under the floor mats. Be sure to also check the trunk for rust and moisture. Remove the trunk mat if necessary to investigate the source of any odors.

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